• Communications between the teams is essential for success. No silos here.
  • Intelligent planning, with provision for spontaneity and opportunities that can’t be planned for.
  • Real-time essential communication is key. If a KPI is going south, finding out about it on Monday will not suffice.
  • Borderless, around the clock and cross-cultures. A truly international staff and outlook.


  • This is a team effort, no one is alone. Ideas come from anywhere, are vetted or fed into testing. If successful, is incorporated; if not, why not? And that knowledge too I incorporated.
  • Once agreed, the way forward is supported by people, resources, energy and budget.
  • Decisions are always supported by data. BI is an essential enabler.


  • As a performance-driven organization, transparency to the effectiveness of ideas and processes is essential to optimize them both. You’ll never get there if you don’t know where you’re going. And where you are.
  • Our KPIs are seldom public, but always shared amongst those responsible and accountable for achieving them.

A System

  • Netsurf Media is a not a static table. It’s an organic system that can support a number of firms in a variety of industries. They only must share the same values and the same goals to be effective. Clients who do not, will not be successful, so we don’t take them on.


We currently working on all emerging technologies like MI (Machine Intelligence), IOT (Internet on things), RPA (Robotics Process Automation) and Block chain etc.


We create business strategy through expert digital marketing and branding. We find the best way to maximize your business presence.


To be one of the most trusted and preferred IT companies by enabling success for our clients, employees and partners.


We value RELATIONSHIP more than anything and we always strive to ensure that our dedication reflects in everything that we do.

We value INTEGRITY and we always follow honesty and transparency in all our business transactions.

We value COMMITMENT and we always endeavour to deliver desired output in the best equations of time and cost.

We value RESPONSIBILITY and we always try to induce excellence and innovation to surpass our clients’ expectations

We value COLLABORATION and we always adopt our clients’ work as our own which helps us in working beyond the apparent requirements, and creating winning solutions.

Netsurf Media A Platform for Change


We shall innovate in everything we do, every step of the way. Has it been done before? How do we make it better? More interesting? More exciting? Ultimately, more profitable? Whether it’s innovative marketing communications, player journeys or product design, innovation for greater effectiveness is the acid test.


We do things once to see how they are done, and again to see how we can improve them. Then, we automate the process. This applies to every step of the player journey, from acquisition to withdrawal requests. We “Test. Measure. Scale” all of the time.


The best ideas in the world are useless without operational excellence. The business model works and objectives are achieved on time as planned. We shall exceed expectations. No surprises. Downtime and upgrades are planned and scheduled. Process failures are anticipated, detected immediately and resolved instantly.


Reporting is (almost) as important as execution. If you cannot see what’s happening on the back of your initiatives, then they are simply not worth doing. “What gets measured gets managed.” Our results impact the entire organization, as they must, as we fine tune ideas, add new ideas, achieve operational excellence and bring results. Rinse and repeat.